Connecting Brilliant Academics to Global Companies

“PreScouter made us aware of 23 emerging technologies … that we probably would not have become aware of [otherwise]”

– Dr. Richard Demke, Sunstar Americas


“If you let them, [PreScouter] can come up with some pretty interesting concepts”

– Dr. Nate Miranda, Sealed Air and Pepsico

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What Is Possible With PreScouter?

Technology Landscaping

  Scholars research the innovation/problem through a broad spectrum of sectors to generate several creative and unique solutions for our clients.

Technology Scouting

Scholars research the innovation/problem in a specific sector in which the client already has background knowledge about. This is a more specific report.

Due Diligence

Scholars and PreScouter work to give an in-depth report of one solution that the client has high interest in. Contact information is also given to the client.Have a world class team of academics attack your problem.

PreScouter’s worldwide network of academics deliver these solutions, providing inter-disciplinary, impartial and out-of-the-box analysis and insight.

Are you an academic, startup or inventor?


PreScouter helps late stage PhD candidates and postgraduates gain exposure to industry problems and connect with corporate leaders. For Academics

Startups / Inventors

PreScouter's corporate client roster offers small businesses, startups and inventors a commercialization pathway. For Startups / Inventors

Why PreScouter?

Used By Top Innovators

Clients range from 28 of the most progressive Fortune 500 companies to numerous mid-tier and small businesses.

Extensive Coverage

PreScouter covers technologies emerging from over 400 universities across the globe, as well as over 60,000 small businesses and private research institutions.

Broad Range of Scholars

Over 200 academics from the world's top universities work on client projects. Specializations cover the full range academia offers, from food science and electrical engineering to biomedicine.
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