Nearly 40,000 students graduated from U.S. universities in 2014 with a Science or Engineering PhD.
Half were unemployed when they received their diplomas. Differentiate yourself from the crowd by getting real world industry experience with PreScouter.

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Work on real projects with real clients

Strengthen your skill-set and enhance your resume by contributing research, ideas and analysis to actual challenges faced by industry-leading companies

quote It’s the network and the concepts that really give [PreScouter] good value for the money. Dr. Nate Miranda client

Collaborate and Network with Clients and peers

Expand your network and your knowledge by working on technically diverse teams of bright and innovative scholars


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Make an Impact

Identify and promote inventions that could positively impact the quality of life of people around the world


PreScouter has given me the opportunity to apply research and analytical skills toward a broad range of new, exciting technologies. Ayanna Flegler, (Northwestern University)

As a PreScouter research scholar, I extend research services to various medical device firms, biotech or pharmaceutical companies, which in turn helps them advance healthcare. Aditi Joshi, (University of Oregon)


PreScouter gave me the experience and skills I needed to work in industry, while I was still a grad student!

Justin Starr, Vice President for Reporting, RedZone Robotics

At 3M I am using the same mindset I acquired in the PreScouter Global Scholars program, learning about new technologies and whether or not it would be good to investigate.

Gareth Hughes, Senior Research Engineer, 3M

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Gain access to jobs and consulting assignments through Scholar Source

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PreScouter gives talented scholars the opportunity to impact global innovation in many different ways.





Earn Money on your Schedule

Work on your own time without cutting into academic priorities


Develop your skills by completing industry focused training courses and project management certifications


Meet the team

Our Service Delivery Team facilitates communication and organization among Scholar and Client teams, ensuring the success of each project. We are Scientists, Project Managers, Scholar Alumni, and the main points of contact for all PreScouter Global Scholars.

Patricia Rubert-Nason

Head of Outreach
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

Patricia oversees PreScouter’s outreach department, which interviews industry leaders to secure the essential details that enable clients to act on the information PreScouter provides. An alumnus of the Advanced Degree Researcher network at PreScouter, Patricia has worked with PreScouter since 2014. She completed her BS in Bioengineering at Rice University and received a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her dissertation research focused on developing improved catalysts for methanol synthesis. Prior to her PhD Patricia worked at a biotech startup producing monoclonal antibodies. She is based in Fort Kent, Maine.

João Guerreiro

Technical Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Ph.D., Biochemical Engineering

João currently leads the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector. With PreScouter since 2015, he ensures PreScouter clients receive the latest insights into any disruptive or groundbreaking technologies within the space by helping them find new markets for their products, ensure acquisition targets have truly unique and innovative technologies or connect them to the right partner to solve their technical needs. As an academic, João performed research in Bio-Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, the University College London in the UK, and the University of Lisbon in Portugal.

Marija Jovic

Technical Director, Chemicals, Materials & Packaging
PhD, Organometallic Chemistry

Marija is an alumnus of the global advanced degree researchers network and has worked with PreScouter for more than five years and on over 100 projects, spanning across areas such as product and process improvement and development, sustainability, and industry trends throughout chemicals, materials and packaging industry. Marija completed her Master’s degree in Polymer Engineering from Belgrade University and her PhD in Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). Marija’s academic research was focused on understanding reaction mechanisms in order to rationally design catalysts for polymerization and metathesis reactions. Prior to her PhD, Marija worked in the chemical industry on the synthesis of new textile dyes.

Charles Wright

Technical Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences
PhD, Biophysical Sciences

Charles is a Senior Project Architect and Technical Director of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice at PreScouter. He is responsible for ensuring that our clients' innovation needs in this space are being addressed by overseeing PreScouter's teams of Advanced Degree Researchers. He has managed projects covering all stages of innovation in the biomedical space, from emerging academic research through preclinical and clinical development of therapeutics and medical devices, to implementations of products in clinical settings. As an academic, he developed integrated microscopy–computational systems for high-precision quantification of the behavior of individual bacterial cells. Charles graduated with a BA in Physics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Spanish from Vanderbilt University, then earned his PhD in Biophysical Sciences from the University of Chicago before working as a Postdoctoral Scholar at Purdue University.

Sofiane Boukhalfa

Technical Director, High Tech and Aerospace & Defense Practice
Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering

Sofiane earned his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where his research focused on nanotechnology and energy storage. Before joining PreScouter, Sofiane worked as an emerging technology and business strategy consultant. He specializes in the high tech and aerospace and defense sectors, in addition to working closely with private equity and venture capital clients. Sofiane is based in Paris, France.

Daniel Morales

Technical Director, Consumer Packaged Goods
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

Daniel is an alumnus of the PreScouter’s advanced degree researchers network and has worked with PreScouter for more than three years and on over 50 projects, spanning across areas such as innovation strategy and roadmapping, product and process improvement and development, sustainability, and technology trends throughout the CPG industry. Daniel earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the NC State University, where his research focused on developing stimuli-responsive polymer networks for microrobotics applications. After his graduate studies, he completed postdoctoral work at INSA Toulouse, France where his work focused on the intersection of nanoparticle assembly, nanofabrication and microfluidics to develop novel sensors. Before joining PreScouter, Daniel gained industrial experience in pharma manufacturing, polymer processing and science manuscript editing, and he is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Gareth Armanious

Technical Director, Food & Beverage and Life Sciences
BSc, Biochemistry

Gareth currently leads the Food & Beverage sector. He specializes in the Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, and Cannabis industries, and has been with PreScouter since 2015. As an academic, he specialized in membrane protein biochemistry, working with an international research group assembled to study structural and functional aspects of these challenging targets in health and disease. Gareth graduated with a BSc in biochemistry, medical specialization, from the University of British Columbia, and is completing his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Alberta. Gareth is based out of Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

Ryan LaRanger

Technical Director, Healthcare
PhD, Genetics and Developmental Biology

Ryan is one of PreScouter’s Project Architects. He specializes in the Biomedical sector and in cases focused on corporate strategy. After receiving a Masters in Business and Science from the Keck Graduate Institute of the Claremont Colleges, Ryan received his PhD in Genetics and Developmental Biology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. While there he was also a member of the University’s premier acapella group, the Lymph Notes. His Postdoctoral training was done in Yale’s department of Biomedical Engineering.

Christian Salles

Technical Director, Materials & Natural Resources
Materials Engineer

Christian is one of PreScouter's Project Architects. He specializes in Materials, Manufacturing and Testing. Christian graduated with a D.I. in Materials Science and is completing his Master’s degree in Materials Science and Technology. His dissertation research focuses on Heat Treating and Thermo-Mechanical-Metallurgy finite element simulation. Christian has years of experience in the energy industry in aging management and failure analysis, as well as a technical consultant for special alloys manufacturing.

Maikel Boot

Project Architect

Maikel is one of PreScouter’s Project Architects. He specializes in Healthcare and more recently, Covid-19. After receiving a Masters in Science from the VU University in Amsterdam, Maikel continued working there and obtained his PhD in Medical Microbiology from the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. His Postdoctoral training was done in Yale’s department of Microbial Pathogenesis, where he obtained an EMBO Fellowship for his research on Tuberculosis. During his time at Yale he was the Chair of the Yale Postdoctoral Association. Maikel is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Gloria Wada

Project Architect

Gloria is one of  PreScouter’s Project Architects. She has worked on a variety of different projects in both the consumer packaged goods as well as the food and beverage spaces. Gloria has an academic background in microbiology and analytical chemistry. Her dissertation involved determining the antifungal effects of plant extracts on fungal physiology. She has developed and optimized various microbiological assays and analytical chemistry lab protocols for the separation of plant components via HPLC and flash chromatography. She also has previous environmental toxicology and molecular biology research experience.

Ziya Erdem

Project Architect

Ziya is a Project Architect working within the PreScouter Natural Resources group. He earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Akron where his research focused on bioremediation. Ziya has years of experience working as a process engineer, a quality assurance manager and an auditor. Since graduation he has worked in market research & consultancy. Some of Ziya’s previous projects include: comminution and sorting, biotechnology in mining, coal to syngas, green hydrogen, CO2 capture, renewable energy, and digital transformation.

Garrett Wheaton

Project Architect

Garrett earned his Ph.D. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from NC State University, where his research focused on metal biooxidation, resistance and toxicity in thermoacidophiles. After his graduate studies, he worked at a cannabinoid infusion technology startup, offering highly effective and bioavailable delivery solutions for cannabis and hemp customers. Before joining PreScouter, Garrett gained experience in product development and commercial launch. Garrett is based in Sacramento, California.

Megan Auler

Network Engagement Manager
BA, Communication Studies

Megan is PreScouter’s Network Engagement Manager. She joined PreScouter in 2018 to manage all of the activities related to the Scholar experience, including recruitment, engagement and post-network activities. Megan works out of Chicago, Illinois and holds a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa.

Venice Inting

Scholar Care Support and Scheduler
BA, Business Administration

Venice is PreScouter’s Scholar Care Support and Scheduler. She started as a Phone and Email Appointment Setter in August 2016 and was then appointed to manage scholar inquiries as well as scheduling client meetings in January 2018. Prior to her work at PreScouter, Venice was a Team Leader for 3 years in a BPO industry and holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of San Carlos (Philippines).

PreScouter Journal

The PreScouter Journal is a collection of scholar contributions that is viewed and read by a wide range of audience.
The journal is a great way to build a brand, develop authoring skills and become a thought leader.

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