Global Analyst Program

Getting involved is simple and straightforward. Our process is designed to allow flexibility while providing opportunities to learn, contribute and grow.


How do I become a Global Analyst?
  • Get industry experience, or just explore the non-academic side of science
  • Translate your academic knowledge to address corporate problems

If you’re studying or have completed an advanced degree, then we welcome you to apply to join the program. We are looking for Analysts in all disciplines.
Although our company started out in the Science & Engineering fields, we are currently expanding into projects with an emphasis on market projections, ROI estimations, and other types of business analyses.



How do I join a project team?
  • Apply for any project that interests you
  • Join project teams according to your schedule
  • Explore different fields, Expand your expertise

When you join the Global Analysts Program, you’ll be asked for a description of your research interests and a copy of your Curriculum Vitae/LinkedIn Profile. We’ll use this to match you to projects for which we think you would be a great match. This matching process is a service we provide to you. You only join the projects that you want to join.

Want to see all of the open projects and pick your own? Once you’re in the Analysts Network and have signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement, you’ll be sent a weekly job bulletin that lists all open projects- just apply for the ones that interest you, and the appropriate Project Architect will be in touch with further information.


How does a typical project work?

Apply for the projects that interest you

  • Network with academic peers and leaders in corporate innovation
  • Present your findings directly to the client in stage-gated meetings
  • Project Architects handle logistics so that you can focus on the science

Project goals are determined by the client’s business problem and R&D needs - each project is different! The meetings are virtual and scheduled with your calendar in mind. The project work is done remotely as well. You can work from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have a reliable internet and phone connection. We’ll provide you with the necessary internal training and are available to address any questions or issues you encounter.



How do i get paid???

Make some extra cash while gaining valuable experience

We offer monetary compensation upon completion of each project, with additional bonuses that are available based on performance and timeliness.


Faqs : Our Company

PreScouter’s mission is to connect people with the knowledge and resources to advance humanity.
The goal of our Global Analysts program is a) to provide current academics with an opportunity to make valuable networking relationships while building their CV and b) to assist in our goal of connecting academia with industry. Our founders were graduate students when they created this program. They wanted to provide an opportunity they felt was not available to them during their studies.


Faqs : Our Analysts

The amount of time that you are a part of our program and the amount of projects that you work on with us is entirely your decision. You are not obligated to a minimum amount of time or number of projects. We only ask that if you select a project, you must see it through completely.

Yes! We have found that Master’s students, PhD candidates, post-doctoral fellows, and engineers in academia have broad visibility to emerging technologies. In addition, since you are at the cutting edge of your field, you also provide a unique and fresh perspective to find technologies that can address the client’s goal.

Absolutely! Legally, PhD Candidates and Post-Doctoral Fellows are allowed to hold other positions while working on your advanced degree. This generally applies for people with visas as well, and we can work with your institution, if needed.
In addition to offering industry exposure and resume-building experiences, we’re happy to help in your career development by providing reference letters and complimentary certification programs to our high-performing Analysts.
Just to name a few:
  • Direct connections to global innovation leaders at Fortune-level companies, which have led to employment opportunities for Analyst Alumni.
  • Opportunities to gain industrial experience in a way that fits an academic’s busy schedule.
  • Networking with other Analysts.
  • Project Management experience and certification through the Project Management Institute.
  • For our Analysts without funding restrictions, we do offer a financial gift at the conclusion of each project.
Many of our Analysts work with us in an unpaid/voluntary capacity so it will not interfere with any funding restrictions they may have (i.e., certain grants and funding agencies, visa restrictions). All other benefits will apply. We encourage all Analysts studying in the United States under a visa to seek advice from their international student office.

PreScouter is a unique program in that we are not a classical internship. We cannot guarantee a certain number of hours. In addition, Analysts participate in individual short-term projects as independent contractors, according to their schedule and discretion, so that there is no official start/end date, per se. All Analysts are technically self-employed freelancers, and not employees of PreScouter.

Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to acquire a SSN independently and prior to completing your CBT / W-9 with PreScouter.
We provide research resources so you are not being asked to use University resources for non-University projects. We are also not asking for you to conduct any experiments for us or expose any of your own or your advisor’s research. Any intellectual property that you own will not be at risk.
Although every situation is unique, we find that most advisors are okay with their students working with us as long as it does not impact their productivity. As a rule, we will never share information about you without your consent.
Our research team identifies research groups in top tier academic programs, based on research areas, publications and patents. We will then contact potential Analysts that stand out within their research group.


FAQs: Projects

You’ll normally be working with a group of 4-5 other Analysts, in a team setting that provides a collaborative and supportive environment. Each project is coordinated by a Project Manager, who organizes the deadlines, meetings, and facilitates communication with the client.

Want to gain more experience in project and team management? We invite our top Analysts to apply for the Team Lead position, which provides more opportunities for client interaction, and avenues to build your managerial skills.
Due to the sensitive nature of technology development, the companies we work with require us to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We, in turn, require the same of our Analysts. This is mostly a formality to ensure things don’t end up on Facebook/LinkedIn/etc.
All projects are purely remote engagements, and not travel is required. We’ve set up our process so that our Analysts can participate in projects from anywhere in the world- we literally have Analysts working from every continent, except Antarctica! And flexibility is key to our model- you can upload your project report components at any time of day, using our proprietary online platform. Client meetings are also virtual- as long as you have a solid internet/phone connection and a quiet location, you’re all set!
Yes, in addition to industry exposure and networking opportunities, we offer monetary compensation upon completion of each project, with additional bonuses that are available based on performance and timeliness.
Analysts find that the time commitment per project varies based on the subject matter, and that the time required decreases as they complete more projects and become more adept at the research and writing process. That said, the average time a Scholar spends on a project tends to average around 15-25 hours, over the course of a regular 6-8 week project timeline. For each project, there are three (3) one-hour meetings that we ask our Scholars to attend. This stage-gated process allows for precise and accurate fine-tuning of the project trajectory, and ensures that the final deliverable adequately address the client’s needs.

We also have opportunities for Analysts to participate in shorter micro-projects, as well as special accelerated projects and reports.